We do this for you...

For the ONE woman who sees just that little bit more when you read our posts, listen to our podcast, attend our events or hear someone mention those 3 words; When Women Speak.

We're doing it for the ONE woman, who allows themselves, finally, to not just nod along passively, but to open your mouth and contribute whenever the desire bubbles up.

We're doing it for the ONE woman who is no longer frightened by desires, or what you want to say, or what you feel in your heart, or what you see to be true in this life.

The ONE woman who one day, will laugh at it all, will no longer dim your light, but allow it to hold and guide others to the same place you remembered was always there within you.

We’re doing this ONE WOMAN AT A TIME.

It will take as long as it takes.


Or more important than us.

We were all given When Women Speak because we're strong enough to handle it.

Despite the fear- of showing up, of speaking, of groups not booking up, of groups fully booking! Of standing on stages, leading, revealing ourselves perfectly flawed women, unbroken, complete yet a complete contradiction.

And you are that one woman, staring life in the face, walking straight into the unknown, head, shoulders, your entire being above the parapet.


Meet The Team

Nicola Snoad, Co-Founder

In case you don't know me already, I'm the loud one!

I can't remember a time when I ever held back what I wanted to say- as a child, teen, adult, in any job and with any person, I've always let it all out.
But... I spent many years confused as to why I seemed the ONLY ONE aching to speak out. The only one who saw a reason to. The only one who saw things the way I did. I kept speaking but constantly felt like the trouble maker, the outcast, the human who had landed on the wrong planet.

You're familiar with that story right? Perhaps it's yours too... I know many women share the feeling of never quite fitting in (and even though I've found my place, I still feel it almost daily).

When Women Speak came about for me, because in my role as a coach I hold space for women to do just that; speak, unfiltered, with zero agenda. I ran a few events at the beginning of this year and was amazed how each and every woman there- although not 'professional' speakers, held the room by simply showing up and opening their mouths.

It was magic, a privilege to watch.

And YOU can do that. You don't need to have a reason- this is not about inspiring, creating change, saying something profound or life changing, this is about what it says on the tin, just DAMN WELL SPEAKING!

Sara Sanderson, Co-Founder

I’m the not so loud one (quiet even), and knowing it’s ok to be who I am in the moment rather than trying to fit and be what I think people want me to be is such a relief.
I admit, over the years I got darn good at fitting in! Yet despite my popularity I knew I was playing it safe. I stuck with people and things I wouldn’t be rejected by or fail at. This safety started to manifest as boredom and feeling like a caged bird wanting to sing her song loudly and fly.

Perhaps you’re ready to spread your wings that little bit more too?

I turned to personal development in an attempt to set free this trapped woman I felt inside. Yet in the process uncovered something unexpected. I began to realise and continue to see that with each breath we get to start a fresh.

We are not a fixed identity bound by our past, personality, where we live, our job, our income etc. I uncovered that I am enough, always have been and always will be.

I can show up just as I am, speak, share, and play with life!

This is what’s on offer with When Women Speak. It’s the opportunity to begin again and again, to see who you truly are, and marvel at what unfolds.

I’m excited to support you to share and delight in this wondrous (and often messy) human experience we share.

Aidan Cox, Events Maestro

And I’m the bloke!

I’ve worked in the events industry for 10 year's and I'm fascinated by the effect just entering a space can have on us; some of my fondest memories come from the hundreds of gigs I've been to with my dad.
This venture is about doing something exciting, different, having some fun and finally express myself in my own way- beyond what a regular job could offer!

Beyond the physical space that When Women Speak is experienced in, I want to challenge the status quo by embarking on this journey and listening to hundreds, thousands, of beautiful, stories.

Eventually, I want men to be able to share these same experiences and express their own stories, since we’re often afraid to speak out and many including myself, become lost within our own thoughts.

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