CHANGE HAPPENS When Women Speak!

We Need Your Help!

We want to hear MORE women's voices.
We want MORE women supported in speaking up.
And we want to give more women the opportunity (and encouragement!) to use their voices to BE the change they want to see in the world.
Because when women open up from the heart and use their voices, change happens. Wisdom is tapped into. And Freedom can be felt in the words spoken. 
Welcome to the 'CHANGE HAPPENS When Women Speak' fundraising campaign! We are fundraising to place our first run of 200 slogan tees to share this important message, plus raise money to deliver more When Women Speak projects and support 2 other female led social enterprises.

This is not just a T-Shirt, this is a movement, a remembering, and a reclaiming of our sovereign power. It’s time for us all to reclaim who we are and speak from the heart.

You can donate now and/or order your very own 100% cotton organic t-shirt. 

How It All Began...

With a love of all things When Women Speak and a love for slogan tees, Nicola knew she wanted to combine the two.

For someone who mainly buys second hand clothes and loves thrift stores, Nicola was in an ethical dilemma not wanting to add to the global issue of waste, and disregard to sustainability. AND really wanting to see When Women Speak worn boldly and unapologetically by anyone who knows the value and creative power of women showing up and speaking from the heart.

These days most clothing is made as cheaply and as quickly as possible, with little or no regard for the people who make it or for the environment.  Garment workers – 80% of whom are women – toil in unsafe environments, often far from family and for little or no wages just to bring fashion consumers – 80% of whom are women – the cheap clothes craved and now expected.

After researching slow sustainable fashion and ways to ensure all people part of the process are treated fairly, Nicola came across Jo Salter founder of Where Does It Come From. A friendship and plan was seeded earlier in the year and the project got started.

Life Happens When Busy Making Other Plans

Nicola was working on two creative projects for When Women Speak (the t-shirts being one of them) and then exhaustion hit, Nicola's body just said no to screen-time (screamed NO! in fact) and it was a no to pretty much any form of work requiring attention and focus. Migraines became the daily norm as has zero energy. She's been prodded and scanned to no avail and her health journey continues.  

Nicola had come so far with the t-shirts but the prospect of selling them was something she knew she couldn't take on. What we love about how these t-shirts are being made is we get to know the story every step of the way. It's a unique process where you get to see the people involved. It's not just about a t-shirt it's about the stories of all the women involved and what the t-shirt message represents.

Join Us In Getting This Message Out

The project was on hold due to Nicola's ill health until it was realised (and it's a constant realisation) that this project and the entire When Women Speak movement is bigger than Sara and Nicola. Collectively WE can get this message out for every woman to know the truth within.

This is a project about love, creating something that has collective, powerful feminine energy and a liberating and empowering message woven into the fabric. This is about supporting women from the making of the T-Shirts to the siren call across the front - ‘CHANGE HAPPENS When Women Speak’.

Join the movement and Be the change you want to see in the world. Because change can and will happen when you speak.

Click the two buttons in the sections below today!

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How You Can Help The Fundraiser!!!

We have a limited time to raise £4000 to place an order of our first run of slogan tees to arrive by the end of the year. Of course we want to smash that target because all surplus funds go towards our empowering When Women Speak projects all designed to support women around the world to show up as they are and use their voice. 

Will you join us in seeing what's possible? With your help of buying a tee, donating and sharing this fundraiser as widely as possible we are sure to smash our target!

As part of the campaign we hosted a successful When Women Speak-A-Thon over in the When Women Speak facebook group. Join HERE to listen to over 30 speakers who showed up live to share their stories and message. It's an opportunity to learn from one another, expand our understanding and feel connected to this movement for good. 

Every Friday during the campaign two invited speakers will livestream over on the When Women Speak Global Network public facebook page, speaking to the theme CHANGE HAPPENS When Women Speak. Like the page HERE to be sure to see notifications.

When Women Speak delivers events and facilitates groups for women to open up and be themselves. The more ALL of us as people feel safe within our bodies to be who we are and shine in the world the greater loving impact there will be for humanity. 

We know from the women we’ve worked with the ripple effect of having safe spaces to unravel, honour and reclaim what felt lost, hidden or shamed and to then return to relationships, work, businesses, communities with a sense of being who and what you want to see in the world. 


Can I pledge more than buying a t-shirt?

Yes, please! You can buy a t-shirt and choose one of the donation levels by following the 'buy now' link above.

Which countries can you ship T-shirts to?

We can ship worldwide!  A shipping fee for tracked and signed for delivery will be added at the checkout.

How do I tell you my size?

Order the size/s you require using the 'buy now' link above. Available are XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL and XXXL.

How do I explore my garment's story?

Each garment will come with a code on the label; this will unlock your garment's story.  The stories are created through collecting photos, videos and interviews with the makers, so you really can find out who made your clothes, even down to their first name!

When will I receive my tee?

If we hit our target for a minimum order in time for end of year delivery, manufacture will begin immediately and your beautiful hand spun tee should be made in 7 weeks.

If it looks like we won't reach our target quickly then we will be in touch to see if you'd like a refund, to keep your payment as a donation for WWS or to wait a little longer until the target is reached.

Who are the other female led organisations involved in producing the t-shirts?

We first teamed up with Jo Salter’s organisation ‘Where Does It Come From?’ to explore producing clothing sustainably and ethically. As the name suggests ‘Where Does It Come From?’ is all about sharing the stories behind the clothing and Jo knew the perfect organisation in India to link us with - Moral Fibre. We then needed a fabulous t-shirt design and in stepped Charlotte Cooke of Quintessential Graphics.