Nicola and Sara are the founders of When Women Speak

When Women Speak is a Social Enterprise and global platform for women's voices, here to support one woman at a time show up in the world fully and apologetically expressed.


When Women Speak is simple, it is a platform for women to claim their space as leaders. Discover what When Women Speak is all about and the core message shared across the globe.


Hear ordinary extraordinary women with stories worth telling! Witness shared desires and emotions, smiles and heartaches, journeys and experiences. 

The Myth of Mindset Ebook

Back in 2018 Nicola spoke up about some discrepancies she'd noticed with traditional coaching methods, and this was the result!
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We are a not for profit organisation run by a group of wonderful people with full time jobs, families and little ones. Financial donations support our work, our team, loved ones, leaders, events and women around the world - EVERYTHING we do and stand for.
Thank you for contributing to this movement for good.

If you would like to offer time and talent we are open to receiving non-monetary contributions also. Please email and let's chat.
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